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Incremental And Absolute Encoder

The encoders are instruments used in manufacturing and production processes; machines and the area of renewable energies; for precise positioning by converting rotary movement into digital signals. There are incremental and absolute encoders. Incremental are used for measuring angular or linear distance moved, by generating the pulses per revolution. Absolute encoder, as the name implies, provide an absolute numerical value for each angular position even over several revolutions. It can promptly detect the position even in the event of a power failure. In order to monitor or control motion activity, it is essential to have accurate position values.

Key points:

  • Many applications use encoders for position sensing. This works by transforming shaft or axle's mechanical angular position into an electric signal which is further processed by a control system.
  • Using absolute encoder, you can get unique position value from the moment you switch it on.
  • This absolute kind of encoder is able to scan the position of coded element. Even when system is not powered, it can translate the movements into accurate position values when powered up again.
  • While the incremental type of encoder counts from zero when powered on, irrespective of the shaft position.

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