Control Relay

Our company is considered as a reliable provider of various electronic products, relays being one of them. Both, phase and voltage control relays are developed in-house. These are switches that either through electronically or electromechanically open and close electrical circuits. These can switch smaller currents (AC/DC), in a control circuit. Power consuming devices, like small motors, pumps, generators, hoists and conveyors can be controlled. These are also used for switching audible alarms, pilot lights, heating elements and starting coils. These are composed of basic and necessary components, such as frame, coil, armature and contacts. These are assembled in our modern infrastructure equipped with advanced equipment.

Key Points:
  • The phase type relays are for presence and regeneration, phase sequence, phase balance and level of asymmetry.
  • The voltage type relays on power transformer to control the connected on load tap changer.
  • The voltage type get active and starts operations at an event of cut in power supply at one or more phases of three phase.
  • These compact design device are easy to install.
  • These are helpful in controlling under-voltage and over-voltage.

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