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Thyristor, also called silicon controlled rectifier or SCR, is constructed just like a transistor. The origin of this product is rooted in 1950's. Shockley discovered this product and after that many discoveries are made on its design by Ebers, Moll and many. It was in 60's, this device became popular for power switching. In present time, this electronic device is used in power control and other high power electronics. Based on the application, this product is ideal for switching large levels of power/ high voltages. It has the ability to withstand reverse voltages. It can also be used in low power electronics.

Key Points:
  • Our company designs and develops a variety of thyristors, from phase control, communication, inverter/fast, to LSS; based on latest techniques. The professionals in-house also develop this product based on its application, like pulse power. The customers can also contact us to order this product's modules and diodes.
  • The design of this product has terminals, like anode, cathode and gate. Main control flows between anode and cathode, while gate is control terminal.
  • It can be used for AC power control in electric motors, lights, etc., as well as AC power switching.
  • It is also suitable for phase angle triggered controllers to control the elements.

Product Image (010)

Phase Control Thyristor /Line Commutation Thyristor

  • Product Type:Phase Control Thyristor
  • Application:Rectifier
  • Size:100mm

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